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your unemotional side!

This is where your emotions and feelings begin with the two letters: "un"

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Sites addressing Mental Health issues:
This website was actually the original website of the entire network. It was designed to show how our mental health can affect all of us - no matter what gender or what age. It also shows how our lifestyle factors affect our mental health.
Pages within anxieties 101 are:
about anxieties 101
about mental illness
my own personal inventory: an exercise in studying one's past
generalized and social anxiety
panic disorder
obsessive compulsive disorder
post traumatic stress disorder
how it all works: a glossary of mental health words, explanations of how the brain works, chemicals in the brain, stigma of mental illness, etc.
children and mental illness
teenagers and mental illness
young adults and mental illness
women and mental illness
men and mental illness
seniors citizens and mental illness
lifestyle diet
lifestyle exercise
lifestyle sleep
lifestyle relaxation
lifestyle counseling
lifestyle medications
bipolar disorder
phobia list
affective or mood disorders
sleep disorders in children
children and parenting
hormonal problems with women and mental health
physical illnesses to watch for
my personal dealings with post traumatic stress disorder
A carbon copy site of anxieties 101 - just more information.

Abuse and domestic violence were once included in the original site website I designed - anxiety understanding - but had to be taken out when anxieties 101 became a reality. It was important to me to include this in information pertaining to mental health because I personally lived in domestic violence my entire life, but had never known about mental illness.
Even after visiting the emergency room almost everyday for one year, no one ever told me I might be experiencing an anxiety or panic attack. I had several endoscopic procedures and saw specialists regularly, even took Percocet while pregnant to control my chest pain because the specialists didn't understand what was causing me the unbearable pain.
I was finally diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, depression and an eating disorder. I firmly assert that all victims of abuse and domestic violence need to engage in a mental health assessment when entering shelters, as well as their children. If mental health was a priority, perhaps it wouldn't take women so long to leave their abusive husband, partners, parents, or whoever instead of it taking up to seven times of leaving the abusive situation to finally leave for good.
The following pages are found on the abuse 101 website:
the homepage
if you are being abused now
about abuse
about control
about abuse of power
about abusive people
survival behaviors
emotional abuse
child abuse
bullies - both childhood and adult
teen dating violence
elder abuse
verbal abuse
physical abuse
sexual abuse
spiritual abuse
financial abuse
narcissistic abuse
abuse at work
domestic violence basics
coping mechanisms
domestic violence shelters
leaving an abusive relationship
abusive women
once abused
if your abuser is a cop
if your abuser is your parent

Welcome! Once again, I had to personally include eating and sleeping disorders in my own personal growth recovery journey so a website emerged concerning them all. I personally have dealt with night eating syndrome, an eating/sleeping disorder most of my life. I moderate a support group for night eaters, visit the site by clicking the above link to join the group. You'll see the link on every page to join.
Eating disorders, mental health, abuse, domestic violence are all connected. This was a very difficult part of my recovery. Although I beat eating at night, my sleep remains disordered and my eating habits are still not as healthy and consistent as they need to be.
To learn more about the site, just click on the link above! Here are the pages included within the night eating website:
the homepage
night eating... what is it?
what's your relationship with yourself like?
eating disorders
abuse and trauma
still searching? click here
about sleeping
sleep disorders
emotions and feelings
are you mindful and aware?
anxiety disorders
the latest scoop
take my survey
how it all works
where does all your energy go?
my personal story
nobody's perfect
lifestyle diet
lifestyle exercise
lifestyle sleep
you are a valuable person
lifestyle relaxation
lifestyle counseling and medications
words of encouragement

Both changes websites have the same pages, although changes 2 has more up to date information!
The following pages are found in the changes sites!
the homepage
gimme contact
gimme goals
gimme a plan
gimme no hang ups!
lifestyle diet
marvelous miscellany
lifestyle exercise
exercise defeat
endurance training
strength training
tai chi
water aerobics
lifestyle sleep
lifestyle relaxation
relaxation breathing
relaxation techniques
lifestyle counseling
behavioral counseling method
cognitive behavioral counseling method
electroconvulsive therapy
group therapy
interpersonal therapy
lifestyle medications
emotions and feelings
lifestyle quit smoking
There are more hidden pages within the site for each topic listed!

more changes in lifestyle

I thought of the name for the next few sites because throughout my personal growth recovery journey it seemed that I was unpeeling the layers within to find more things to discover and figure out within my own self. So as you go through this site - you'll find the second stage of what I found was needed for a personal growth recovery journey and as you visit the next few layer down under sites, you'll see how you are peeling back the layers of time in your own journey as well!
the homepage
covers three pages including alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, sex, the Internet, prescription medications, shopping and more!
attention to attitude
extracting beliefs: where did your belief system come from?
befriending your body image
accepting change
examining emotions: and emotional intelligence - what is that?
feelings - our messengers
intentions - do they matter?
investigating intuition
what is "letting go"
suggesting learning listening skills
mingling in mindfulness
opinions - what's yours?
living in the present moment
explaining risk taking
stress - it's truly a problem
thoughts, thought process, and thinking - 3 whole pages of information!

the homepage
about the layer down under experience
looking within - thoughts and feelings about whose fault things are
looking within - am i an abuser?
looking within - am i someone who abandons others?
consistency - learn about it and use it!
about suicide - it's a shame
coping mechanisms
communication skills - 2 pages of info
personality and temperament
family dysfunction

Throughout my personal growth and recovery journey I've had to become very truthful with myself concerning how my religious beliefs swayed my thinking throughout my difficult past. Defining our own personal religious beliefs, I believe, is something very important instead of just adopting the beliefs of our parents. Take a peek and see if anything touches you!
the homepage
about this site
my first religion
believing in God
Sharing your Story
recovery - does religion help in recovery?
different religions
why is religion important to us?
domestic violence and religion
did you ever join a cult? was it spiritual abuse?
do they really care about you at church?
getting informed
practices, traditions, and service work
bible talk
youth and religion these days
ask me!


This site isn't complete but can be accessed for some information. This site speaks to teens concerning their emotions and feelings.

Just starting on this site. I am leaving it accessible though, for any information that you can find on it that may be useful to you. Watch this site grow - I think it will have some great information for parents.

In keeping with my original theme in anxieties 101 - I wanted to take the gender/age groups a step further with their own personal sites. Information concerning children is of the utmost importance since children don't come with how to manuals when they are born; I feel it's important to look at our own upbringings, realize the results of the parenting practices of our parents and then teach ourselves what different parenting skills are needed to raise emotionally and physically healthy kids!
the homepage
mental health issues facing children
Mental Health: In the womb and the first year of life
Mental Health: Two, Three and Four for more!
Mental Health: The Elementary School Child
Mental Health: The Chaos Begins! Almost teens!
(Teens have their own site)
Emotions and Feelings
Just Love 'Em - What children need
Children and Fear
Children and Anger
Children and Control
Power Struggles
How to Communicate
Limits and Boundaries
Self Esteem
Dealing with Bullies
Character and Values
Social Skills
Children and Friendships
Children need Extended Family
Lifestyle Factors - diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation
Children and Responsibilities
School and Education
Sex Education
Gifted Children
Children with Special Needs
Children with Special Problems
Children and Stress
Abuse and Neglect
Dysfunctional family life
Children and Divorce
Parenting Tips
Same Sex Parenting
Step Families
Foster Homes
No Kids, be a mentor!
When Kids Self Medicate
When a Parent Dies
When a Sibling Dies
Children and Trauma
There's more information here, some pages aren't completed, but as always - this network is a work in progress - a personal challenge that is included in my own personal growth recovery journey! I do the best I can to help as many people and address as many topics as possible!

Emotion and Feeling Sites

This website is the HOMEPAGE for the entire network of over 30 websites!
At the emotional feelings site you will find the following information:
My personal story: A brief description of who I am and why I offer this network of sites.
Keeping In Touch: Additional information with current articles and bits of information that you can ponder upon.
The following emotion and feeling words are located at this website:
feeling abandoned
feeling absorbed
feeling abused
feeling accepted
feeling of accomplishment
feeling accountable
feeling acknowledged
feeling admiration or feeling admired
feeling affectionate
feeling affirmed
feeling afraid
feeling aggravated
feeling aggressive
feeling agitated
feeling in agony or agonized
feeling alienated
feeling alone
feeling ambivalent
feeling angry
feeling annoyed
feeling antagonistic
feeling anticipation
feeling anxious or anxiety
feeling apathetic
feeling apologetic
feeling appreciated
feeling apprehensive
feeling arrogant or feelings of arrogance
feeling ashamed
feeling assertive
feeling attached
feeling attentive
feeling available
feeling avoidance
feeling  aware
feeling awkward
When learning about your emotions and feelings, be sure to visit the emotion and feeling pages for the emotions and feelings that you would like to feel and know more about as well as the ones you are presently feeling.
To visit emotional feelings, just click on the underlined title at the top of this section.

This site adds a few extra emotions and feelings beginning with the letter "a" like emotional feelings has; as well as a continuation of some of the same emotions and feelings as the home site!
The following feeling and emotions words are presently within this website:
feeling abandoned
feeling able
feeling abused
feeling accepted
feeling adequate
feeling afraid
feeling agreeable
feeling altruistic
feeling amiable
feeling amused
feeling angered
feeling anguished
feeling animated
feeling apologetic
feeling assured
feeling audacious
feeling available
feeling avoidance
feeling aware

This website contains the emotion and feelings words beginning with the letter, "b."
feeling badgered
feeling balanced
feeling battered
feeling belittled
feeling belligerent
feeling belonging
feeling benevolence
feeling berated
feeling betrayed
feeling bewildered
feeling bigotry
feeling bitter
feeling blamed
feeling bored
feeling brave
feeling broken
feeling burdened

This website contains the emotion and feelings words beginning with the letter, "c."
feeling calm
feeling capable
feeling cared for
feeling carefree
feeling careless
feeling cautious
feeling centered
feeling challenged
feeling cheerful
feeling clarity
feeling close
feeling comfortable
feeling committed
feeling compassionate
feeling complacent
feeling concerned
feeling confident
feeling conflicted
feeling confused
feeling connected
feeling considerate
feeling contented
feeling controlled
feeling convicted
feeling courageous
feeling curious

This website holds the following emotion and feelings words that begin with the letter, "d."
feeling deceived
feeling dedicated
feeling defeated
feeling defenseless
feeling defensive
feeling defiant
feeling degraded
feeling dejected
feeling demeaned
feeling demoralized
feeling in denial
feeling dependent
feeling depressed
feeling deprived
feeling desired
feeling despair
feeling desperation, feeling desperate
feeling truly desperate
feeling detached
feeling determined
feeling devastated
feeling devious
feeling devoted
feeling dignified
feeling disappointed
feeling disconnected
feeling discontented
feeling discouraged
feeling disgusted
feeling dishonest
feeling disillusioned
feeling dismal
feeling disrespected
feeling dissatisfied
feeling distant
feeling distracted
feeling disturbed
feeling distressed
feeling doubtful
feeling dysfunctional

This website contains the emotion and feelings words that begin with the letters "e" and "f".
feeling eager
feeling embarrassed
feeling empathetic
feeling empty
feeling encouraged
feeling enlightened
feeling enthusiastic
feeling envied - feeling envious
feeling excited
feeling excluded
feeling exploited
feelings of failure
feelings of fairness
feeling faithful
feeling fearful - 3 pages of fear
feeling fear in different intensities i.e., scared, frightened, terrified
feeling fearless
feeling foolish
feeling forgiving
feeling forgotten
feeling fortunate
feeling frantic
feeling free
feeling friendly
feeling frustrated
feeling fulfilled

The emotion and feeling words that begin with the letters, "J" - "k" - "l" - "m" and "n."
feeling jealous
feeling joyful
feeling judged or judgmental
feeling justified
feeling kind
feeling liberated
feeling limited
feeling lonely
feeling loved - 3 pages of information concerning love
feeling manipulated
feeling mean
feeling melancholy
feeling melodramatic
feeling miserable
feeling misunderstood
feeling motivated
feeling naive
feeling needed, needs, need, needy - 2 pages of this information
feeling negative
feeling neglected
feeling neurotic
feeling numb

feeling emotional, 3 plus
Not available as of yet, but is an additional site for the same emotions and feelings as feeling emotional, 3.

This site has the same emotions and feelings as feeling emotional, 4 does, just more information!

This is an old site, one of the few that took on the original growth spurt, but is now still here - holding its own - and has some new emotions and feelings to be added onto. There are some articled on some of the new pages, but watch for new info to be added all the time!
feeling obligated
feeling offended
feeling open
feeling optimistic
feeling overwhelmed
feeling passive
feeling passionate
feeling patient
feeling peaceful
feeling pessimistic
feeling pitiful
feeling possessive
feeling positive
feeling powerful/powerless
feeling pressured
feeling protected
feeling proud
feeling punished
feeling rageful
feeling rational
feeling realistic
feeling receptive
feeling recognized
feeling regretful
feeling rejected
feeling relaxed
feeling reliable
feeling relieved
feeling remorseful
feeling resentful
feeling resilient
feeling respected
feeling responsible
feeling revengeful

This site came about because Tripod, the host of these free-sites, accidentally deleted one of my sites called, "emotional feelings." I had to quickly change all the links on 30+ sites that went to emotional feelings - and I'm afraid I haven't finished the job yet. But feeling emotional, 5 added a few more emotions and feelings to the mix and is almost completed. Bear with me on the completion of the site please!
The following emotions and feelings are found at feeling emotional, 5.
feeling sad
feeling safe
feeling satisfied
feeling secure
feeling selfish
feeling sensitive
feeling serene
feeling serious
feeling shaken
feeling shameful
feeling shy
feeling sickened
feeling sincere
feeling slighted
feeling special
feeling stable
feeling stifled
feeling stubborn
feeling successful
feeling supported
feeling suspicious
feeling sympathetic
feeling tender
feeling thoughtful/thoughtless
feeling threatened
feeling tolerant
feeling tormented
feeling tranquil
feeling trapped
feeling traumatized
feeling trusted
feeling truthful
feeling understanding/understood
feeling validated
feeling valued
feeling victimized
feeling vindicated
feeling violated
feeling vulnerable
feeling wise/wisdom
feeling worthless/worthy
feeling wounded

your unemotional side
you are here now!
This site deals with words that begin with the two letters "un" before an emotion or feeling. This site has the first half of the alphabet and the #2 site deals with the last half of the alphabet!

The self pages started out because I found the need to learn more about myself in my personal growth recovery journey. This site speaks to "self" emotions and feelings; for example - self acceptance and self confident. It's important that we learn as much as possible about our own selves as we can't move forward in personal growth and recovery until we've faced our own self. Check it out. The following pages are available on this site!
the self pages - the homepage
the self
self absorbed
self acceptance
self actualization
self affirmation
self blaming
self care
self centered
self concept
self confident
self consciousness
self contentment
self control
self critical
self deceptive
self defeating
self defense
self destructive
self development
self disclosure
self discovery
self doubt
self esteem
self examination
self forgiveness
self growth
self hatred
self harm - self injury
self healing
self help
self image
self image
self improvement
self induced
self judgment
self indulgent
self liberated
self loathing
self love
self motivated
self protective
self punishment
self reinforcement
self responsibility
self sabotage
self soothing
self suppression
self supportive
self talk
self victimization
self worth

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