There is no doubt that we live in uncertain times especially financially.  We honestly do not know where we will be as a nation just a few weeks from now.  That is an incredibly scary thought for many people who stand to lose a lot of money if things continue to get worse.

So, is there something we can hold on to that will help us navigate uncertain times?  What can we learn from the past that can help us today?

Stay the Course.  This cliché is so incredibly used that it works against the one who utters the words.  But it is true nonetheless.  Those who refuse to panic and succumb to fear are those who look long term and see that on the other side of the valley is a mountain.

Many people who have lost everything have come back to re-claim at least part of what they lost.  And they learned something in the process:  life is not all about money or material possessions.  In fact, a struggle is not a bad thing.  It can help bring to the forefront a new resolve and vigor to make things better.  This is a principle upon which our great nation was founded.  It might be time for us to re-learn this principle.

Value the Real Investments.  We tend to forget that our loved ones and relationships with people are more important that the amount of money we have in our 401k or other investments.  We lose sight of the impact of our actions upon our own children and what that impact has when it comes their turn to make important choices.  We look past teaching opportunities and hope that maybe they will pick them up somewhere else.

It is time to begin to think differently.  Yes, our money is important.  Yes, it is a great system that we have to help us prepare for our futures financially.  But let us return to the better part of life – that of our families.

Do Not Count Us Out.  America is a strong nation.  No matter what our enemies say about us.  We have the drive and resilience to come back even stronger than before when faced with adversity.  You do not have to look any further than 9/11 to validate that belief.

Even if we were to lose everything, American would be the quickest nation to turn around and come roaring back.  The reason is because the enterprising spirit is still alive.  People who have a determination to make changes for the better and improve on what we have are still alive and well.  That is a truth that will help us see through any hardship.  No matter how bad.

So, stay the course, value right things, and look to the future.  Our best days are ahead of us.

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